A year of Sophiestication

Oct 09 , 2017

A year of Sophiestication

One year on(hair company tales)

Sophiesticated hair turned one this summer and to be honest I Can’t tell you which date, why?, because in essence it has really been running for over 5 years and has been a work in progress which just gradually grew to become official. Here is how the story Goes

You see hair has always been my passion, from the days from Premium now (blue packet gang) to learning and laughing at "lace wig crew" in Stratford rex to finally learning about human/virgin hair. I would watch all the beauty gurus, jennie jenkins, peakmill, roshposh, nitrab to name a few and I would buy hair from all the companies they were advertising. At that time we didnt know it, well I didnt know it, but it was all for the coin! Which is sad because a lot of us got conned and spend a lot of money on trash hair. 

A lot of my money was spent buying expensive hair because I have always been a lover of things (my mum can testify to that). However in my quest of chasing the fabulous looks and trends I decided to start making my own wigs, which turned into making wigs for people with their own hair. I loved seeing people walking around with my creation on their head(even though it wasn't the best). for the next 2 years I would start building a collection of essentials, finding what works and what doesn't, all whilst making wigs FOR FREE girlllll!! (insert extraness here)

Fast forward, Life hits me hard I decide on chasing my dream and really putting in work, I created an Instagram page which changed names about 20 times before actually deciding that My name was the best Name for My Brand! hence SOPHIEsticatedhair. After this I started charging to make wigs and researching on the best hair qualities, which meant spending more money, I worked normal job 9-5 and then Sophisticated hair 6pm-1am I was not going to let anything or anyone stop me. I used all my social media to advertise myself and JADESIGNS created my Logo. 

It all became real when I found the best quality hair to match my grind and hustle and the push began, Summer Sixteen changed my entire life because friends, family and people I didn't even know started supporting me, they believed in me which helped me believe in myself. I became Sophiesticatedhair I lived and breathed my Brand and I was not willing to let the devil take this from me so I STAYED ON MY KNEES PRAYING and WORKING because it can only be God!

SUMMER SEVENTEEN I take a leap of faith, I reply to miss Korrinesky tweets about a photoshoot (which was the best thing I could have ever done for my business) She changed my Game for life! Now I'm here sat behind a laptop in my room waiting for some wigs to colour and writing this blog for you, ON MY WEBSITE while you SHOP! I can truly say I have had the craziest one year in business and It is truly just the beginning

So to everyone who wants to start something, make sure you have a passion for it, people can see straight through you. Be genuine be positive and be consistent. Always put God first and customers next because the devil can come in many forms and not all money is good money. (Spill some tea here) lol But I won't haha

POSITIVE VYBES ONLY! Join me in my next journey and Growth lets make history together. FOR US BY US

Love you 




  • 09 Oct 2017 Barbiedoll003

    This is beautiful. We are on a similar path and I am inspired! Thanks Soph ❤

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