WHAT LACE? Frontal slay or Nah?

Jul 21 , 2017

WHAT LACE? Frontal slay or Nah?

(Beginners guide to frontals)

So you must have heard about the lace frontal hype by now and are wondering how do I slay one. Well just like you we are learning too and one thing to always remember is that it is not magic! Im here to lay some reality down for you sis, You will not wake up like those beauty gurus or instagram models who have hair stylist to hand every night.
To be honest with you the who #whatlace? Thing Takes a lot of work, filters and flash to achieve (dont let the secret out) So here are a few tips to follow once you recieve your frontal or full lace wig and have cut off the excess lace.
Tip 1) Make sure your own hair is cornrowed as flat as possible or if you rocking short hair (You go girl!)
Tip 2) lay your own baby hairs down and out of the way
Tip 3) Use some powder foundation of your skin colour on the inside of the lace and on the parting ( not a lighter concealer)
Tip 4) play around with your wig, get comfortable and do a lot of research.
I can only guarantee you that you got great quality hair and the rest of the slay is up to you. And if all else fails theres always google and youtube!
Good luck sis, Slay on! 😘

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