Wig fittings & styling (a personal touch)

Aug 14 , 2017

Wig fittings & styling (a personal touch)

The process of becoming a seasoned wig wearer is not to be played with, It took me about 2 years to get comfortable with the thought of wearing a wig and also being confident whilst doing so and now 6 years on I can share with you some major keys. First of all confidence is key, however you dont become confident in sometbing until you have mastered it.

The art to mastering wig wearing comes from within, you have to believe in your slay, wig on or off! I recently cut off all my hair (but thats another blogpost for another day) and I know if my wig was to come off I would be fine. But its not all about the wig coming off, its about believing in your slay.

A wig fitting with sophie is a one on one slay session which helps you to understand how to fit and style your custom unit, securing it, laying your edges, and a demo of the best products to use on your hair.
Not only do you recieve a lot of information you also get to ask questions and try things out your self.

Having done some bridal looks, photoshoots, videoshoots, events and just some at home wig fittings I have learnt that with all the other stress on your day, having your personal styling needs taken care of all through out just makes life easier. If you have to switch looks or make sure your hair stays on point then it is best to have someone with experience there to guide you through.

Book your slay session today and enjoy your new slay from within!

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